Ranger Black Studded Leather Leg Armor Laced Greaves

Material: Genuine Leather with Brass Studs
Color: Sable Black
Total Width: 11 Inches
Total Length: 13 Inches
Our Rangers Sable Studded Leather Greaves are a calm yet sturdy light weight shield that trim up and ensure your legs amid battle. These bits of leg assurance include wonderful leatherwork done in rich sable dark with fortification and metal studs that assistance these greaves to look all the more like really incredible bits of reinforcement. An entire shielded look requires a breastplate, bracers, pauldrons, a tasset, and greaves. What's more, these Ranger Greaves won't just keep your legs protected, yet they will do as such while influencing you to resemble a great warrior. Regardless of whether you?re wearing these for a LARP occasion, the SCA, in a play or to the Renaissance Fair, the Rangers Sable Studded Leather Greaves are certain to sparkle. If you don't mind Note: Arm props are excluded.